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The aim of British Legal Centre is to be a centre of legal excellence and legal teaching by providing educational support from practicing British lawyers, and lawyer-linguists, to lawyers around the World wishing to study Legal English language and English law for their professional growth. We will do our best to deliver the highest quality practical law teaching and training available today, by providing instruction using the most up to date technology, teaching methods and aids. We will assist our students and participants to work in any legal environment and meet the requirements of possessing excellent English language skills and a knowledge of British and international company, contract and commercial law. All participants who finish our courses will be more able and more confident in their skills and we will equip them with the knowledge to continue to work or study independently in the future. We will always try to exceed clients’ expectations of us in every area of our work. Our teaching and training methods allow us to inter-act with lawyers in many Countries in different regions of the World. We recognize the both the opportunity and the responsibility of probably being their major contact with English Law and Lawyers during an important period of their professional development. The knowledge and ethical values imparted to them, during their studies with us, will probably remain with them for the whole of their careers. These values will be based upon the ethics and professional standards of the UK Legal Profession. We support the Rule of Law internationally through our own work and our assistance, and support of other organizations working towards this goal.


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