How to Write Successful, Professional Emails

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Legal English


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This training is in English.

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The training has been prepared in the format of online training (online video). When you register for the training, it is added to your profile and you can start watching immediately. There is no specific time requirement to attend the trainings. You can attend the training at any time and anywhere, from smartphones, tablets, computers and similar devices that can be connected to the Internet. Training will remain available to you indefinitely.

Who is the Audience?

Lawyers Trainee Lawyers Law school students Other students taking a law course Other legal entities

Requirements There is no requirement to participate in this training. Anyone can attend the training.

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Hello! My name is Simon Porter, I am the owner of I have been teaching legal English since 2008, and legal English writing skills since 2014. I have helped hundreds of native and non-native lawyers to communicate more effectively and to advance their careers. I hope that my course will help you to start thinking about your writing - both why your writing skills are important, and how you can improve your writing.

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