Key Clauses in a Contract

Zeynep Dinçer Vent


Legal English


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The language of this training is English.

Content of Education

Subject headings are; What is a contract? What is needed to form a contract? Main Elements of a Contract What about terms and conditions? What to be careful about in certain topics? Acceptance Changes Force majeure Governing Law and Dispute Resolution Indemnity Liability Penalty Termination Time Extension Warranty

Training Process

The training has been prepared in the format of online training (online video). The language of education is English and in order to benefit from it efficiently, general level English knowledge and English legal terms must be mastered. When you register for the training, it is added to your profile and you can start watching immediately. There is no specific time requirement to attend the trainings. You can attend the training at any time and anywhere, from smart phones, tablets, computers and similar internet-connected devices. Training will remain available to you indefinitely.

Who is the Audience?

Lawyers Law school students Other persons operating in the field of law Those who want to have information about preparing a contract in English Those who want to have knowledge in the field of contract law

Requirements: There is no requirement to participate in this training.


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Zeynep Dinçer Vent

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Zeynep Dinçer Vent graduated from Bilkent University Faculty of Law in 2012. He completed his master's degree in International Trade Law in England. Dinçer, who started working as a lawyer by working in leading law firms in his field, is currently working in the legal department of a global company.

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